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I have had multiple Reiki sessions with Barbara, and each one has been great.  Going into sessions I've felt unbalanced, stuck, lethargic, and unmotivated.  After even just a 20 minute session, I could really tell a difference with my energy and state of mind.  Barbara has a way of clearing just what is bothering me and setting my state of being back into order.  During a session, I can feel the clearing and energy moving and a state of peace and serenity.  After a session I feel more alert, motivated, clear, focused, and ready to get things done and back on track.  Barbara takes time and explains what is going on with your energy and what to focus on to continue healing.  It was a blessing to be find Barbara at the Denver Celebration event, and I look forward to more sessions in the future to continue my healing and growing.  I highly recommend to have a Reiki session with Barbara, and see what her expertise and compassion can do for you.

During my third trimester of pregnancy, I was experiencing some serious pain in my hips and my back which in turn was leading to sleepless nights. Unable to find relief through yoga, walking or stretching, I contacted Barbara for a Reiki session. The effects were almost immediate and I was able to sleep that night. Barbara performed Reiki on me several times throughout my pregnancy and each time I experienced relief from the discomfort I was feeling- plus I felt l was able to relax and connect with my baby girl. I have recommended Barbara to my family and friends- all of which have had wonderful experiences as well. Barbara’s gentle nature and soothing presence add to the overall experience and I believe that she is a true healer. Going to her for Reiki was one of the best decisions I have made for my overall health.~Jessica, Longmont, CO
Let Barbara work her magic on you ~ you  won’t regret it!   My Reiki session left me with a sense of calm and a feeling of being centered.  The confidence this inspired did not leave me ~ that is the really amazing thing.  Is the Universe working through Barbara?  I THINK SO!  This is an experience on a different level.~Debbie, Denver, CO
 I've known Barbara Kuhlke for a number of years as a colleague at a private university. Her history of excellent communication skills and dedication to assisting others was common knowledge; however, it has only come to light recently that she is a talented Reiki healer as well! I know, with absolute certainty, that Barbara has found her niche in this life and it is Reiki! She has a powerful knack for seeing and working with the energies that sustain our lives and the world in which we live. If you are contemplating a Reiki session I would highly recommend Barbara's healing touch, you won't be disappointed. ~ René, Denver, CO
 I had my first Reiki treatment about a month ago with Barbara and I feel like it did wonders. I have been going through some trials that I wasn’t emotionally prepared for and Barbara suggested I try Reiki. Not only was it an incredibly relaxing experience, I feel like it assisted a great deal in preparing me for some upcoming events that were causing a great deal of anxiety. Barbara was great to work with as she is a kind and gentle soul and explains everything that she is doing and its purpose. I would highly recommend. Marla

Hi. Thank you for the work you did this weekend. I really appreciate it! After the session.  I am always amazed how the power of energy changes perspectives and feelings. After the session I felt open to love and excited to move on. My heart felt light.  ~Shannal
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